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Our objective : 50% of electric trucks by 2024

In 2020, we were the first to introduce 100% electric armored light trucks in Paris. Today, almost the entire Parisian, London and Geneva fleet of light trucks is entirely converted to electric.

We don’t just experiment, we transform our ideas and convictions into reality faster than any other organization. This is the strength of our family structure.

logo temis blanc

-95% of particules emissions

On Heavy Vehicles, Temis offers Natural Gas (CNG) solutions which currently constitutes for this type of activity, the best alternative to traditional diesel-powered vehicles. Our fleet already includes several models of this type.

With these type of truck, polluting emissions are reduced by almost 70% and particle emissions by more than 95%. Another advantage of these vehicles is the reduction of noise pollution, three times more silent.

Beyond our fleet, we pay particular attention to the environmental impact of our buildings and their constructions. Thus, our latest Swiss building was been classified HQE (High Quality Environmental) standard.

Transparent and reliable information 

We are responding to Decree 2014-530, which requires the posting of CO2 information at least level 2 as of July 1, 2016.

To do so, we use the support and methodology of the TK’Blue Platform

Certified AFNOR

Built on recognized European criteria

Equipped with a CO2 index calculator certified by Bureau Véritas

We can thus produce a summary table of customer indices such as TK, TK ‘€, TK’T AND FINALLY TK’CO2.


Within the Temis group, 100% of our conveyors are employed on permanent contracts and our turnover rate is one of the lowest in the profession. The health, safety, and well-being of our employees are major concerns which are reflected in the loyalty of our teams to serving our customers.


“In this very special profession of transporting precious objects, we form a family and defend traditional values which I hold dear : esprit de corps, loyalty, the word given, love of a job well done. We operate in a market where chance has no place, and where precision is a vital issue.”

Alain Breau